GE Healthcare Centricity Cardio Imaging 5.0 Service Manual

GE Healthcare anti-virus policies - System Alert
Policy for Use of Anti-Virus Software with Centricity Cardio Imaging, Policy effective as of following releases, Technical Guidance: Use of Anti-Virus Software with Centricity Cardio Imaging, Risks, Security best practices

SQL Server

System Preparation
Recommended HW Spec, ESXi Server, Centricity Cardio Imaging VM, Virtual Machine Administration requirements, Networking, Client, Browser support

Centricity Cardio Imaging high level system architecture
Multi-site Configuration, Multi-site Patient Folder Priors List, Multi-site Tomtec Priors List

Centricity Cardio Imaging offering
Software only, Turnkey, Virtual machine, Centricity Cardio Imaging BOM in details, SSL (Certificate)

SQL Server Service Log On
Backup Share

Maintenance Plan
Monthly Procedures

Verification of Backup Configuration

Installation Verification
Post-installation check, Verifying the installation, Verifying EchoPAC Installation

System recovery
Restoring the SQL databases from a backup device, Backup database, Restore database, Verification

Studylist Warning Label

Saving private resources as common

Updating Resources following upgrade

Centricity Cardio Imaging - Collecting Logs
Key Points for logging a defect, Centricity Server Logs, Centricity Viewer Log, Tomtec ImageArena Logs, EPPCi Logs, Streaming Server Logs, DICOM Parser Log, Configuring log level

URL Web Integration

Checking database backups, Checking for SQL Server Errors, Changing the password for an EA_User, Creating Nearline Studies, Bandwidth Measurement, Viewer is deployed when Net Framework 3.5 is not installed, Patient List Does Not Display Date of Study or Patient Date of Birth, Running Viewer on CCI Server, Performance Monitoring

Appendix A - Power Shell Commands for System Configuration

Appendix B - Product Versions

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In GE Healthcare Centricity Cardio Imaging 5.0

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